Tuesday 14 August 2007

Two Today!!

"Scrappy's Birthday Song"
Happy Birthday to you,
Mix dog food in a stew,
You pinch all the cat food,
But I still "Love You".

My best friend "Doggy Boy" is Two today and he deserves the very best of "Happy Birthday's" it's possible to have.

It seems just amazing that he has only lived here for 4 little months, but it's a bit like having a baby....you wait and wait for it to arrive, then it's brand new and 4 months down the line, you cant remember a time when they weren't part of your life. (It's got to be said, the similarities don't end there....I remember feeding and clearing up baby poo too!!)

What can I say about Mr. Scrappy that wont make him blush too much...( can dogs blush? I want to know!! )

He has learnt so much in the last few months. He's discovered the fun of swimming in the sea and "biting waves", of paddling in rivers and lakes, of walking "to heel" off the lead and sitting and staying when he's told.

He has realised that trips out in the car don't mean that you get abandoned, but that you have fun AND you come home too!

He has cultivated a healthy interest in allotment produce....eating it!! and "sunbathing" on the plot while others do the weeding rates pretty high on his favourite list too!!

Mr. Scrappy has been my constant companion on walks, jaunts and adventures. In my head he is the "Famous Five" Timmy I always wanted and that crook is just around the next corner waiting to be discovered!
It's been worth every second of time spent helping him to learn how to enjoy his life and be a happy dog (worth it a million times) and the next year full of walks, trips and special conversations spread before me like the first page of a wonderful enchanted book!

"Happy Birthday" Mr. Scrappy....I'm so glad that you are my friend.

Wednesday 8 August 2007

Ohh Shucks You Guys!!

The audience applaud as I stroll elegantly towards the stage, the silk of my dress sumptuously rustling with each step. Gracefully I mount the steps and onto the podium, turn to face you all and with eyes glistening I begin...

"Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart thank you....This is so very unexpected and I don't deserve this award....really truly.

Please, I want to thank all the people who have made it possible for me to be here today accepting this prestigious award...My parents who have passed on their wonderful genes making me the person I am....My son, who provides me with the greatest reason to be making all my little items in the first place..."abject poverty"....and most importantly, all of you in "blogland". The biggest and best inspiration in the world.....Thank you all.

Oh well, as I've never in my life ever been awarded anything that required any kind of speech, I wanted to well and truly get my moneys worth!!!

Seriously though friends, I am so flattered to be given this award by my wonderful Jullie and in keeping with the spirit of the rules am going to pass it on to 5 other fantastic people who I think most defiantly deserve a "Nice Award".

Here are my nominees and my reasons for choosing them;

Amy from "Inspirico"....Amy has got to be one of the kindest and most patient "Blog" friends I've met. Over the last few months, she has passed on words of encouragement , bailed me out and tolerated my complete lack of technical knowledge....Thank you Amy.

Maija from"Maizgirlz Madness"....Maija has got to have one of the biggest smiles and biggest hearts. She is the only "Blog" friend I know who send a personal e-mail of thanks every time I comment on her site. Maija, you are so appreciated and so very much deserve this award darling....Thank you Maija.

My special Fairy Lady from "The Polka Dot Pixie"....(You see the wonders of blogging make names unnecessary!) Has never failed to encourage and "gee" me up with her "go for it girl" attitude. She works so very hard, but still finds the time to leave special messages for all her "friends"....Thank you "Special Fairy Lady".

Jenny from "Allsorts"....Jenny's was the very first "Blog" I ever discovered (I didn't even know what "Blogging" was!!) , and her wonderful fun blog's have continued to been a source of inspiration to me. (That girl just is so clever!!) Jenny has a good spirit and all though I know she's busy right now, I miss her. Come back soon Jenny dear.

Last but not least;

Karen from "Artful Journeys"....Karen and I don't know each other, we have never even mailed each other(this must be remedied!) but, I have regularly borrowed, scrounged and pilfered from her truly amazing site and all with her blessing for Karen's site contains an enormous collection of images all free and available for any of us to use. For such a generous and kind soul....a "Nice Award" with my thanks.

In the true spirit of blogging, sharing and this award ladies, pass some "Nice"on the world needs it

Monday 6 August 2007

Scarecrow Parade

For those of you out there in "Blogland" who liked my allotment "Scarecrow" photo, some summer fun for you.
Barking is a the closest village to Neeedham Market, the small market Town where I live here in the U.K. and the resident of "Barking" call themselves "Barkonians" which I think has a real quaint "Old English" sound to it.
It is really a small little village (almost more like a Hamlet) with one street and all the houses (all 40 of them!!) in a row along the road and facing the "Green" with no Shops, no Post Office no "Pubs" just a Village Hall. Despite this (or perhaps because of it) the village has loads going on. Playgroups, W.I, Bowls Club, Over 60's, The Rambling Club, A Christmas Bazaar, A Harvest Festival, A Summer Fete and this.... the annual "Scarecrow Week" competition.
Some of the "Scarecrow" entry's are just so totally amazing you wouldn't believe it... so I'm goin' to show you... The official poster. It is taken very,very seriously and pretty much every household in the Village makes a "Scarecrow"Now these ones I do so really like. They are great fun with a bit of a modern twist, but still made like the traditional "Scarecrow"!I didn't quite believe that this was a "Scarecrow" at first and when it hadn't moved for a while I had to go and check. It would have been just my luck if at that point he had turned around and said BOOOOOO!
Some collapsible over 60's "Scarecrows"......I think the poor old thing would have fallen down if she hadn't been in a chair!

"Shrek" and some!!

A "Scarecrow" made by the resident Vet.... I'm not sure that I want to know what she's doing to that sheep!!!This one just made me laugh.... It looked like a little dwarf with it's tiny little legs, but the detail to put the sawdust down as well is soo cool.
This jolly old fellow looked just about as traditional as a "Scarecrow" can be and being a big "Scarecrow" fan was definitely one of my favourites.

Hey, eat your heart out "Darcy Bussell" Just how super cool is this little lady?

The Ladies of the W.I are famed for their hats. I think that "Queenie" looks just fab in this one.

A member of the "Barking Indoor Bowls Club" complete with her score board.

Once upon a time, this house used to be the site of one of Barking's 3 "Pubs". This "Old Boozer" is a tribute to "The Blackbird" and all who drank in her.

I don't know anything about this little lady....I'd hazard a guess that perhaps she is the product of a local hairdresser....I've gotta say, boy does she freak me out!!!

This one looks as though she gave up on the way home from a boozy Garden Party. Damn I knew that I should have accepted that invitation!

This "Water Board" man is lucky not to have been lynched after all the mammoth flooding some bits of our country have just had.

"Elementary my dear Watson". To my knowledge Barking doesn't have a resident detective, but it' a nice idea. A psychologist could have a great time analyzing the mind of the "Scarecrow" builder!!
Now, how superb is that? I don't think that I've ever seen a "Scarecrow" dog before....and definitely not one having a "widdle"!!

I'm so glad that I'm not related to this old chap... although it does rather remind me of someone!

"This Little Piggy Went To Market" I had to save this one 'till last just 'cause it made me laugh. It was made by the owners of the local "Pig Farm"!!
I didn't manage to get good enough piccys of all the "Scarecrows" (Like I said, practically every house joins in with this) and I have no idea who won in the end...I don't think that it matters, they were all truly amazing.
I just hope that you have enjoyed a small taste of "Bizarre British Entertainment"and I would love to know what you think and which "Scarecrow" you like best?
Who knows, maybe if enough of you register an interest we can have a "Scarecrow Swap".... If it hasn't been done already. Any one up for it?

Swaps, Kindred Spirits and General Excuses!!

That sounds rather like one of those wonderful "ole fashioned" dances doesn't it.... Now Ladies and Gentlemen, take your partners for the "General Excuses"!!!
But, general excuses are all I have to offer to those in "blogland" who drop in occasionally for a chat and have found me "long time absent".
Now, lets see what are they...Oh yes. I've been working extra time at my real, out in the big wide world job...Uhm, what else...Well, there's the swaps...more about those later and of course there's the "Mr.C and I share the computer" excuse... He gets home from work first and possession being nine tenths of the law an' all that!!
Basically it's been ages since I posted and I have soooo much to share with you....where to start!!!
I have been lucky enough to take part in 2 rather cool swaps and although as I've said before I'm no great shakes in the camera department, I've tried to take some photos of the great un-wrapping ceremony.
Photos unfortunately can no way express the excitement and anticipation of the very slow teasing away of the layer upon layer of tissue paper....I am going to have to rely on you to supply that yourself!!!
So, here goes....eyes closed, concentrate hard and imagine..................
"The Bunny Swap"

The parcel is delivered to the door by my chatty post man, who is almost as excited as Mr. Scrappy and I!! "You got a Birthday...Love" says he..."You got friends in the States"... "Not very 'eavy Darlin', wot they sendin' you... fresh air"!!

We open the sticky tape and peer inside. Layers of crunchy white tissue and a printed envelope all waiting to be explored
It gets just sooo exciting as we peel of the paper and start to explore inside...I should have taken a picture of Mr. Scrappy's face at this point... his "Be good doggy trainer" wold have been proud at the look of concentrated attention!!
Dear Dawn sent me the sweetest of little Bunny's all daintily wrapped in the whitest, crispest most vintagest of "Hanky Sachets" all crunchy white linen and embroidery....I was so enchanted.
Bunny even had his own little book to read on the journey. Thank you again Dawn he is so very, very sweet, I just wish that my photo's did him better justice.
I mentioned in a previous post that I was a late entry for a "Matchbox Swap"and I'm not sure that Natasha realised how "Life Changing" her swap was going to be!!!
I was the luckiest person in the world to be paired up with another "late-commer" the most wonderful, cleverest, most perfect, Best Friend ever in the whole world.
Here's what Dear Darling Jullie made me for my matchbox swap

I was at my "Big Wide World Work" when my chatty postman tried to deliver my "JullieBox", so he had to leave one of those red "We tried to deliver..." cards and I had to wait 2 days before I had a day off to get to the post office to collect it....I just could hardly contain myself, it was soooo exciting. I knew that it would be simply wonderful.
Away with the tape and I am able to take my first glimpse of inside. Mr. Scrappy chose not to join in this time...a protest at it's very girly and not "Dog treat" smell I think!!
Look at all those little parcels just crying out to be opened and that darling card....I was on the edge of blubbing by now!

Well what could any self respecting "Kindred Spirit" be expected to do at this point... I ask you? I just sat right down and had a good old fashioned grizzle. It was all so lovely. This wonderful bottle contains messages all covered in love and fairy dust.

Just the most beautiful matchbox with a "D" for Daisy, and so jam packed full of the most precious and treasured things that I cant fit them all back inside again...how did you get them all in there in the first place J?
I have some very special plans for all of these wonderful goodies and I'm going to be totally selfish and keep every single bit all to myself... I couldn't bear to part with any of them and I want them on display too!!
Just look, a crispy white hanky sachet and the smell of this soap and drawer scenter can't begin to be described It's totally amazing and only just this side of heaven. I keep going back for "just another sniff"!!
Now this was a complete bit of telepathy 'cos "Gollies" were probably one of the few things that J and I hadn't discussed... but I do have rather a large "Golly" fetish, as big as Bears, Bunnies, Dolls and Vintage toys. I just love him,he's so precious and I want to carry him around with me all the time.
I haven't taken this bracelet off since it arrived (apart from bath time!!) I think that it has become a sort of talisman for all good things.
The sweet little cherub is going to be used on my "Big Plan". Watch this Blog for more about that!!When J asked me if there was anything that I would like sent from "Aussie Land" I half tongue in cheek said a Koala (only half 'cos if it were possible I actually would rather like a Koala!!)
Voila... my own Koala... Boy has that choccy bar got to be opened carefully so that I can do something special with the wrapper!
If any of you out there in "Blog Land" have not yet succumbed to the temptation of swapping, I've gotta' say have a go... Not only is it great fun to share things and make things for each other, but you might be as lucky as me and find a "Kindred Spirit"

Friday 29 June 2007

"Playin' in The Mud"

All the rain we have been having the last month might have been good for the garden,but boy has it made all the weeds grow on my allotment.

Has any one else out there in "blogland" got an allotment?
Have you heard of them?
I ask this not to be rude, but 'cos I was gossiping with my bestest blogland "kindred spirit " friend Jullie from "Down Under" and she didn't know about the quaint and archaic tradition of the "English Allotment"

The whole idea being that you lease a space of land (some allotments are just sooo enormous!!)
either from the local council or the church or even some private landowner with too much (Land is most definitely not equally distributed!!) usually for a pepper corn rent and you get digin'!!
Being a green fingered soul with too small a garden and my very own funky wellies, I decided that an allotment was for me and was lucky enough got a plot about 10 minutes walk from my home.

Of course being greedy I have crammed it full of everything I can possibly squeeze in (and then some more!!) and everything is soo just shooting up..... Including as I say, the weeds!!
I'm sort of hoping that if there is some more available next season, I'll be able to have a bit extra so I can have one those romantic old chicken huts (any chance Mr. C?) and keep a couple of chickens there too. You know the sweet red type you get in children's books!
Trouble is I feel a bit guilty about wishing too loud for some more, as it's a bit of like "Dead men's shoes".... the land only becomes available if someone gives up. Moving is o.k. but, the other alternative is a bit too sad.

It just is the most swell place in the world to while away an afternoon.
Mr. Scrappy comes too and lays down on the grass sunning himself 'till its time to go home again which I have to say we do with a lot of regret sometimes.
No traffic, no T.V. no radio, no telephones....just the birdies, the Bunny's the occasional fellow allotmenteer and an ice cold flask of "Rum 'n Coke" (good thinking Mr. C!!)

For those of you not in the "know" about allotments, here's an idea of how they look.

I want to move all my tools in, sit on the door step, have a 'cuppa from the flask and talk to the birdies and bumble bees

Just how cute is she!! She looks like she needs a "Scarecrowing" partner!!

What do you reckon on allotments then?

Gotta say, I'm hooked. Mr.C is keeping a spreadsheet of our produce as I pick it and bring it home.Not only saving some pennies, but eatin' good healthy organic produce too.
Have I convinced you yet?

Get diggin' and see you "playin' in the mud"!!

Monday 25 June 2007

"A Little Bit Of Green"

Well, good sunny Monday morning to all of you lovelies in blogland, especially to the special lovelies (you know who you are!!!)
I rather have planned to make this more of a "picture post", but, knowing me my mouth will probably run away with it self. Like Anne Shirley my tongue appears to be hinged in the middle!!

I am lucky enough to live in a rather pretty part of England's green and pleasant land and having recently gained a walking companion in the shape of Mr Scrappy,
(See previous posts - and yes he is still leaking hair every where. I can only hope that like most men he will eventually go bald, then it wont be a problem!!!)
I have been discovering some of the fine enchanted places where one mad woman and her dog can go to dream and plan.

Here's a idea of how some of my special places look.

I'm not the worlds bestest photographer although with the purchase of a digital camera I am having more luck with actually getting the thing I wanted in the picture. I never have been able to get on with squinting through a tiny hole and hoping it looks o.k.

I don't think that I have done any of these places real justice. To me when I walk through them they are rather like magical fairylands where I can create stories and imaginings and ideas just pop in to my head... I wish that I could harness them all but, some of them are "will o' the wisp" ideas that tickle you behind the ear as they whoosh past and then ... pooof you're imagination is off on a completely different adventure!

Well, the sky is still the clearest of blues and the clouds are of the whitest fluffiest kind, so , I think that Mr Scrapp and I need to be off on a ramble to see what imaginary treasure we can find. xxx

Sunday 24 June 2007

"Bunnys Galore"

What is it about Bunnys? So many of us are just bonkers mad about them....Bunnys of all types. Fluffy ones, china ones, old ones, new ones, pictures of ones... there is a Bunny for everyone!
Talking about Bunnys, I have like a very good swap partner been working hard on my Bunny for my swapper Dawn (Hi there girl!)

It's been such great fun making one for another Bunny fan....It's very different to making a sale item, this has had so much thought and secret blog spying goin' in to it to try to create that special Bunny!!
Would you like to see him?..... or it could be her....would you?
(Look away now Dawn)
Nahhh, I wouldn't do that to you girlie.
Your special Bunny is soooo under wraps and secret that it was made with the curtains drawn and my eyes closed!!
Talking of swaps, I have been just the luckiest girl in the world this week.
I was scooting around peeking at other bloggers lives when I saw a matchbox swap on Natasha's blog, only the closing date had passed by 1 day!!

The end result after some e-mail exchanges has been not only a very cool blog friend (check out Natasha's blog) but, just the most wonderful kindred spirit of a new friend in my swap partner Jullie.

A "matchbox made in heaven!!" She just is the greatest, she's as mad as a wet hen and I love her to pieces. I so can't wait to get her e-mails 'cos I know that they will make me laugh and cry as well!!
I guess this Bunny had better hop off to the studio and start gluing, sticking and creating the most extraordinary matchbox in the world just for you J. xxx