Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Ohh Shucks You Guys!!

The audience applaud as I stroll elegantly towards the stage, the silk of my dress sumptuously rustling with each step. Gracefully I mount the steps and onto the podium, turn to face you all and with eyes glistening I begin...

"Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart thank you....This is so very unexpected and I don't deserve this award....really truly.

Please, I want to thank all the people who have made it possible for me to be here today accepting this prestigious award...My parents who have passed on their wonderful genes making me the person I am....My son, who provides me with the greatest reason to be making all my little items in the first place..."abject poverty"....and most importantly, all of you in "blogland". The biggest and best inspiration in the world.....Thank you all.

Oh well, as I've never in my life ever been awarded anything that required any kind of speech, I wanted to well and truly get my moneys worth!!!

Seriously though friends, I am so flattered to be given this award by my wonderful Jullie and in keeping with the spirit of the rules am going to pass it on to 5 other fantastic people who I think most defiantly deserve a "Nice Award".

Here are my nominees and my reasons for choosing them;

Amy from "Inspirico"....Amy has got to be one of the kindest and most patient "Blog" friends I've met. Over the last few months, she has passed on words of encouragement , bailed me out and tolerated my complete lack of technical knowledge....Thank you Amy.

Maija from"Maizgirlz Madness"....Maija has got to have one of the biggest smiles and biggest hearts. She is the only "Blog" friend I know who send a personal e-mail of thanks every time I comment on her site. Maija, you are so appreciated and so very much deserve this award darling....Thank you Maija.

My special Fairy Lady from "The Polka Dot Pixie"....(You see the wonders of blogging make names unnecessary!) Has never failed to encourage and "gee" me up with her "go for it girl" attitude. She works so very hard, but still finds the time to leave special messages for all her "friends"....Thank you "Special Fairy Lady".

Jenny from "Allsorts"....Jenny's was the very first "Blog" I ever discovered (I didn't even know what "Blogging" was!!) , and her wonderful fun blog's have continued to been a source of inspiration to me. (That girl just is so clever!!) Jenny has a good spirit and all though I know she's busy right now, I miss her. Come back soon Jenny dear.

Last but not least;

Karen from "Artful Journeys"....Karen and I don't know each other, we have never even mailed each other(this must be remedied!) but, I have regularly borrowed, scrounged and pilfered from her truly amazing site and all with her blessing for Karen's site contains an enormous collection of images all free and available for any of us to use. For such a generous and kind soul....a "Nice Award" with my thanks.

In the true spirit of blogging, sharing and this award ladies, pass some "Nice"on the world needs it


Jules said...

The crowd sighs,folds their napkins rolls there eyes and waits for the list to end,They say is she kidding and thats when i would get up and yell at them NO She bloody isnt,Why that girl is a Marvel (thats all bullshit but then what are true friends for if not to lie to each other in times of need lol)
Hugs Jullie
P.S (and with me there is always a P.s)just joshin you, you know i think you are wonderfull

Amy said...

Thank you so much! It's easy to be nice when you have such sweet friends.

HopHopJingleBoo said...

congrats on the Nice award,i tried to pick those that didn't have one yet..trying to spread the nice around! ha..thanks for the comments.. i really like doing the Halloween should try one..they are quite fun ...

Amy Wagner said...

Wow! thanks for stopping by with such a nice comment!! I am thrilled to make new friends and it is super exciting when it is someone across the wide ocean!!!!!
My Mom had over 400 penpals all over the world. That was before the age of email. She would have loved email and blogs!!! I think it is fun to have friends far far away. They can share things with you just like they live next door.

I am so anxious to read more of your blog. My laundry may have to wait because your past blog posts are calling out to me ...."read me, read me!"
I got as far as you mentioning Gollywogs and I knew we would get along just fine. I love hand made Gollys and I also have some made by Steiff. I haven't found many people in the USA that collect Gollys like me.
I also loved your post about all the fun scarecrow people. There is a town about 2 hours from me that has a scarcrow festival each fall. Their whole downtown area is full of them, a parade and other fun events involving scarecrows.
Did you happen to read my post(an older one) under the category of Curious kids where I showed a photo of my oldest daughter dressed as Anne of Green Gables?
I am glad to meet you.
Thanks for adding me to your favorites list. I am going to add you to mine.
Sorry this was such a crazy long comment...I am just too excited!!!
Amy at Abundant Curiosities

Maija said...

You are so funny!! Nominating me for the Nice Matters Award is one of the highest compliments you could give me. I am so blessed to have you as a friend. Thanks, Daisy!