Thursday, 24 May 2007

Excited Bunny or What!!!

Ohhh who's a very excited" Mummy Bunny" then. My number one (and only!!) son is coming back from college for a weekend and a day or two next week.
So coool. We can have some real good time together out and about.
Phone calls do at least reassure you that they haven't died, but it ain't the same as seein' them is it?
From reading some of your post I realise that I'm so lucky, my fella is only 60miles away at his college and we can get to each other reasonably easily if we need to - some of your babies are hundreds of miles away.
This photo was taken when Al was working away last summer.
He spent all his summer vacation with a "Medieval jousting stunt display team" doing the sort of stunt riding and skill at arms a mother really doesn't want to see!! But, he is a very confident stunt rider I really shouldn't have worried. (I still did all the same!)
I keep meaning one day to fiddle around with the photo, darken it so its all rather in silhouette and make some "art" from it. You know urban cowboy touch! First of course i've 'gotta learn which knobs to press -help!!
Cant remember if I told you how excited I was, but I am!!!
Better go and kill the fatted calf!!

Monday, 21 May 2007

"Free Wheelin' Blogging"

Felt that I would like to share some of my thoughts with you today about "blogging".
Although a very, very recent member of the blogging circle, I have been a "peeping blogger" for probably over a year. Spying in on your articles, posts and comments, marvelling at the skill and talent of you all and so wishing that I could join in with what was obviously a lot of fun.
Well I managed, (with lots of help from MrC) to navigate the rapids of the set up and am slowly (very slowly!!!) learning how to press all the magic buttons......occasionally in the right order too!!
And my conclusion, well, blogging is all the things I hoped it would be. It is a big amount of fun watching and reading each new article and actually being able to wax lyrical on my comments. (Believe me, my cats were getting sick to the whiskers of me saying how wonderful and clever you all are out there!)
But, the biggest and most exciting suprise of all for me, as a non diary keeper is the truly amazing feeling of freedom I am experiencing being able "splurge" all my odd, strange and random thoughts down on my virtual paper. I can only liken it to going down the biggest hill on a bike with dodgy brakes. Wheeeeeeeee......Freewheeling!!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

"Itchin' n Scratchin'"!!

This really does seem to have been my mantra for the last couple of months as I suddenly appear to have developed some weird and strange allergy to something!
Now don't get concerned and re-tune to a less graphic blog site, I'm not about to download photographic evidence of this condition. But lets just say that I have acquired my own hand bell and submitted my application to join my local Leper colony!!!!
None of the lotions, potions and pills seem to have made very much difference except the good old Steroid stand by (and lets face it that cures anything from chicken pox to a broken leg) so, allergy testing would appear to be the the order of the day.
But, I'm worried. Suppose I'm allergic to something totally essential! (Does any one make allergy free chocolate?)
I'm pretty sure that "making stuff" and "blogging" is safe, so, off to the studio for an early morning session.
See ya all later.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Domestic Goddess?...Not!!

Oh what a rush. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are my working away from my studio days and once again,I seem to be tying myself in little knots trying to keep on top of the housework.....Or more specifically the hoovering!
Now don't misunderstand me here, I most definitely am no domestic goddess. The thing is this........
Five years ago we had to have "Bobby" our little Cavalier King Charles put to sleep (bless her hyperactive little cotton socks!) and since then have been "dog-less". But, after a coffee visit to a girl friend (who just happens to rescue dogs), the Daisy household has adopted "Scrappy" a Golden Retriever who has come complete with what appears to be at least a bin bag full of winter coat. This he is proceeding to shed across every corner of the entire house!!
As I said, I'm not your domestic goddess type and I can cope with the odd bit of dusting in order to check the colour of the surfaces, but, as "Anne of Green Gables" almost said "I enjoy housework in moderation, but hoovering twice in one day is tooooo much"!!!
Please someone out there reassure me that one day I will have a leak-free dog, and I can return to being the un-domesticated slut every one knows and loves!!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

My second post

Do all new "Bloggers" have a daily countdown?
It's a bit like being pregnant,when your sooo big and you know the baby's never going to come..... Five days to go, four days to go, three, two .....
When do you decide to stop counting? I guess the answer to that is when you stop being so paralysed by the technology and can think of really cool and catchy headings.....(not on day two it woud appear!!)
As a terrified technophobe, I'm still struggling with the "What does that button do.....Ohhhh Noooo, I didnt want that to happen" syndrome. So, my poor little blog is very plain and oh so basic (it's not got any pink on it yet either!)
Hopefully, each time I post I will have learnt what NOT to touch and my blog page can begin to go through it's "fancy dress " stage. Rest assured I will still be lurking away behind all the frills and glitter!
What will this page look like in three months time I wonder.... I can hardly wait to find out. It's going to be, as they say "A really big adventure".

Sunday, 13 May 2007

My first post...

Hoooray, we've conquered the great technical barrier and made our first blog post.
Wasn't so scary after all =)