Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Two Today!!

"Scrappy's Birthday Song"
Happy Birthday to you,
Mix dog food in a stew,
You pinch all the cat food,
But I still "Love You".

My best friend "Doggy Boy" is Two today and he deserves the very best of "Happy Birthday's" it's possible to have.

It seems just amazing that he has only lived here for 4 little months, but it's a bit like having a baby....you wait and wait for it to arrive, then it's brand new and 4 months down the line, you cant remember a time when they weren't part of your life. (It's got to be said, the similarities don't end there....I remember feeding and clearing up baby poo too!!)

What can I say about Mr. Scrappy that wont make him blush too much...( can dogs blush? I want to know!! )

He has learnt so much in the last few months. He's discovered the fun of swimming in the sea and "biting waves", of paddling in rivers and lakes, of walking "to heel" off the lead and sitting and staying when he's told.

He has realised that trips out in the car don't mean that you get abandoned, but that you have fun AND you come home too!

He has cultivated a healthy interest in allotment produce....eating it!! and "sunbathing" on the plot while others do the weeding rates pretty high on his favourite list too!!

Mr. Scrappy has been my constant companion on walks, jaunts and adventures. In my head he is the "Famous Five" Timmy I always wanted and that crook is just around the next corner waiting to be discovered!
It's been worth every second of time spent helping him to learn how to enjoy his life and be a happy dog (worth it a million times) and the next year full of walks, trips and special conversations spread before me like the first page of a wonderful enchanted book!

"Happy Birthday" Mr. Scrappy....I'm so glad that you are my friend.



Aww Happy Birthday Mr Scrappy. I too luvs my 'babies' like they are my lil' kids :)
where would we be without them...?
Unconditional Love.

Hugz, Shann

P.S yep you need to email me your address and tell me what Yummies you like to eat :)

Did you just love my poofood blog or what!!!!

Amy Wagner said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Scrappy, you lucky dog!!!!!

As far as Etsy--- I am new to it. I asked several people about it before I set up shop. I like it so far. I will like it even more when I make my first million!!Haha. I was slow as a snail listing items the first try but I am getting better- still not quite lightning fast however.
Thanks for all your great comments...especially about putting my little red house inside a snow shaker!!

meg said...

Many Happy Scrappy returns of the day! I've have been blessed also with my four-legged family members (sometimes more so than my human family :P) & can't imagine life without their love, devotion, & companionship. I can just picture your dear pup sunning himself while you work the garden & discovering the joys of water fun!

Jules said...

Happy Birthday Mr scrappy you fell on your feet the day my Daisy brought you home.Im sure he enjoys your waLKS AS MUCH AS YOU.

Amy Wagner said...

Thanks for stopping by "Fantasy Families" at my site. Please do play along. I would love to hear more deep, dark secrets about the people in the mystery photos!!!
At Dead Fred's site you can type something in the "keywords" box on the search page. Example: sometimes I type in Wedding, or Babies, or Family Group.
Your friend,

Amy Wagner said...

Please don't think me a pain in the a--!! I just couldn't help but point out that spelling error on an award banner that has been circulating around from blog to blog. I am not a perrfeckt spelar eether!!!!!!!
You can make the "penguins" say anything you wish. I pointed out my background so that some picky person out there in the blogoshere wouldn't accuse me of being a religion basher.
Thanks for your great comments! I always enjoy hearing from you!
Your friend, Amy

Amy Wagner said...

You must have a "smarty" boy to go away at such a young age. I am told by everyone to treasure the toys underfoot...so I keep reminding myself to be appreciative!!!! I love that you should have been Olivia Walton!! I adore that show. We even bought a dvd box set of the first 2 seasons!!

Little Stitcher said...

ahhh cute

Judy B said...

That is one beautiful dog Happy Birthday Scrappy!
Come on ever to my blog Daisy.See pics of our new grandchild!

Peasblossom's Bower said...

Happy Birthday to Scrappy..kiss kiss...i to have a dog called Sir Winston..Luv my dog.Love your blog..Miss Daisy petal pie..

Best wishes from Peaseblossom.xx


Hey Woman what are you doing???? GET BLOGGIN !!!!!
where are you?????

Do i have to come over there and kick your backside??


Shann xo

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Hi there!

I don't seem to have your email address and need to send you some book swap details :-) Can you send me an email? Thanks! :-)

Natasha Burns said...

Happy birthday Mr Scrappy!!!! Gotta love the sweet pooches

Marie said...

Daisy, it is funny how it goes. I checked your page out the other day when you left the comment and bookmarked it to come back and have another look as I didn't really have the time to look then, but liked what I saw and wanted to have a further look when I had more time! Hope Mr. Scrappy had a lovely birthday! An e-mail is on it's way!

Jules said...

you have been tagged go to my blog pretty please to see why.About time you did a new post anyway sick of seeing this even if mr Scrappy is cute.

Daisy said...

LOL. All right, all right allready... Boy don't you Aussies nag!! See darlin' if I had an exiting life (or even a life at all!!) I'd have somthing to talk about.
Boy has this next entry got to be good. HELP!!! xxx's to you all.

cottage power said...
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Amy said...

Daisy, sweet friend, I've been trying to reach you. Can you email me your shipping address so I can send your Club Little House goodies skipping across the pond?

Hope all's well...when are you going to post again?!

Sorry I accidently left this post when I was signed on my friend's blog. Yikes!