Sunday, 24 June 2007

"Bunnys Galore"

What is it about Bunnys? So many of us are just bonkers mad about them....Bunnys of all types. Fluffy ones, china ones, old ones, new ones, pictures of ones... there is a Bunny for everyone!
Talking about Bunnys, I have like a very good swap partner been working hard on my Bunny for my swapper Dawn (Hi there girl!)

It's been such great fun making one for another Bunny fan....It's very different to making a sale item, this has had so much thought and secret blog spying goin' in to it to try to create that special Bunny!!
Would you like to see him?..... or it could be her....would you?
(Look away now Dawn)
Nahhh, I wouldn't do that to you girlie.
Your special Bunny is soooo under wraps and secret that it was made with the curtains drawn and my eyes closed!!
Talking of swaps, I have been just the luckiest girl in the world this week.
I was scooting around peeking at other bloggers lives when I saw a matchbox swap on Natasha's blog, only the closing date had passed by 1 day!!

The end result after some e-mail exchanges has been not only a very cool blog friend (check out Natasha's blog) but, just the most wonderful kindred spirit of a new friend in my swap partner Jullie.

A "matchbox made in heaven!!" She just is the greatest, she's as mad as a wet hen and I love her to pieces. I so can't wait to get her e-mails 'cos I know that they will make me laugh and cry as well!!
I guess this Bunny had better hop off to the studio and start gluing, sticking and creating the most extraordinary matchbox in the world just for you J. xxx

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Rabbit Hill Creations said...

Is'nt this bunny swap fun!...I'm participating in it as well and just completed my partners swap tonight. Hope we get to see everyones exchange. Yours looks great so far!