Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Back To The Real World.......

Ok....I know.......Don't tell me, I'm behind with everything. I hav'nt posted for ever and my poor neglected little blog most definatly has her (YES... she is female!!) bottom lip very firmly sticking out.
What can I say. Life has been running away with me and there dosn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I think that I need at least 30 of them, or alternitivly I need NOT to sleep for 7 hours of the 24!!
Thank you to all of you who sent good e-wishes through the cyber medium. I did have the bestest few days with my son, even though it was the wetest bank holiday weekend in the universes memory!!
More about that on a future post. But first I need to learn how to fiddle with some photo's. (No mean feat for me)
Most of this weeks spare time I think will be taken up with preparing for some house guests this weekend.....Why is that you only realise what a dump you put up with when you have to see it through someone else's eyes!!!
What excitement the "Bunny Swap" has caused, Introductions, plans, conversations... it's such fun.
I do hope that my swap partner (Hi Dawn xxx) likes her special, unrepeatable, just made for her Bunny.
Oh no here I go again..... I'd better stop, 'cos I can feel loads of chatter getting ready to regurgitate itself and really I've got stuff to do. Stuff to store, cushions to make, mail to sort out, the list is just totally endless. All this just to try and convince people that I am a natural homemaker!!
More another time, I'm off......


meg said...

Welcome back- sounds like you've been having a lovely time living your "in person" life.
Yes, my world went a little sideways for a week or so, but we seem to be back on an even keel; fortunately, I've developed a pretty thick skin to fend off all the rocks & pebbles, plus 10+ years experience dealing with my dd's drama & trauma.
The 31 facts was a tag from a MSN friend- I recommend dropping her space- she is a real hoot!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

can't wait to see some of those bunnies, I'll check back to see yours!

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Daisy,
I tried to reply to you by email but it came back at me!!! Could you please email me at enquiries@natashaburns.com and I will then send the reply, might work better that way. Didn't know how else to contact you other than to post here!

Natasha Burns said...

DAISY! I have a partner for you for the matchbox swap!!!! She emailed me 10 mins after you did, sad that she missed out! Please email me and I will set you two up!!!