Thursday, 24 May 2007

Excited Bunny or What!!!

Ohhh who's a very excited" Mummy Bunny" then. My number one (and only!!) son is coming back from college for a weekend and a day or two next week.
So coool. We can have some real good time together out and about.
Phone calls do at least reassure you that they haven't died, but it ain't the same as seein' them is it?
From reading some of your post I realise that I'm so lucky, my fella is only 60miles away at his college and we can get to each other reasonably easily if we need to - some of your babies are hundreds of miles away.
This photo was taken when Al was working away last summer.
He spent all his summer vacation with a "Medieval jousting stunt display team" doing the sort of stunt riding and skill at arms a mother really doesn't want to see!! But, he is a very confident stunt rider I really shouldn't have worried. (I still did all the same!)
I keep meaning one day to fiddle around with the photo, darken it so its all rather in silhouette and make some "art" from it. You know urban cowboy touch! First of course i've 'gotta learn which knobs to press -help!!
Cant remember if I told you how excited I was, but I am!!!
Better go and kill the fatted calf!!


meg said...

I have two of my three "out of the nest"- one in Florida, the other about 70 miles away, but currently not mobile (probably just as well, as she & I bring out the worst in each other :P)
I can sympathize with having sons (yes, both of them) who enjoy extreme sports- Robb races motorcycles & skydives (eek!), & Sam is an advanced martial arts practitioner- I just can not watch!
Well, I'd just be tickled pink to be added to your list- I don't have a big readership here in Blogger (though my MSN site gets a lot of traffic usually) so any lead-ins would be welcome.

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

How exciting!!!! I hope you have a wonderful time with your son!!!

Kingfisher Farm said...

Hi Daisy! Is that your horse???? Very handsome.......Pam

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

Hi Ms. Daisy, just popping in to say hello. How exciting for you to have your son home. There's nothing better then keeping family close. Have a great time. Toni

Maija said...

How lucky that your son got such a cool job!!
I understand the college thing. I've told my sons that they may NOT go out of state to school! !!!!!