Tuesday, 15 May 2007

My second post

Do all new "Bloggers" have a daily countdown?
It's a bit like being pregnant,when your sooo big and you know the baby's never going to come..... Five days to go, four days to go, three, two .....
When do you decide to stop counting? I guess the answer to that is when you stop being so paralysed by the technology and can think of really cool and catchy headings.....(not on day two it woud appear!!)
As a terrified technophobe, I'm still struggling with the "What does that button do.....Ohhhh Noooo, I didnt want that to happen" syndrome. So, my poor little blog is very plain and oh so basic (it's not got any pink on it yet either!)
Hopefully, each time I post I will have learnt what NOT to touch and my blog page can begin to go through it's "fancy dress " stage. Rest assured I will still be lurking away behind all the frills and glitter!
What will this page look like in three months time I wonder.... I can hardly wait to find out. It's going to be, as they say "A really big adventure".


Marisa said...

It's an adventure alright. Sounds like your in for a wild ride! Am I your first post? Maybe that's a milestone for you! Hm...cool!

Daisy said...

Hi Lady,
You sure are my first post, thank you.Do you think I need to start another countdown?!!

The Calico Cat said...

I guess you stop counting when you post about something else... Like food :o) (or TV, or a book, or, or, or)

Welcome to blogging.