Monday, 21 May 2007

"Free Wheelin' Blogging"

Felt that I would like to share some of my thoughts with you today about "blogging".
Although a very, very recent member of the blogging circle, I have been a "peeping blogger" for probably over a year. Spying in on your articles, posts and comments, marvelling at the skill and talent of you all and so wishing that I could join in with what was obviously a lot of fun.
Well I managed, (with lots of help from MrC) to navigate the rapids of the set up and am slowly (very slowly!!!) learning how to press all the magic buttons......occasionally in the right order too!!
And my conclusion, well, blogging is all the things I hoped it would be. It is a big amount of fun watching and reading each new article and actually being able to wax lyrical on my comments. (Believe me, my cats were getting sick to the whiskers of me saying how wonderful and clever you all are out there!)
But, the biggest and most exciting suprise of all for me, as a non diary keeper is the truly amazing feeling of freedom I am experiencing being able "splurge" all my odd, strange and random thoughts down on my virtual paper. I can only liken it to going down the biggest hill on a bike with dodgy brakes. Wheeeeeeeee......Freewheeling!!


Rabbit Hill Creations said...

Hi Daisy, thanks for stopping by the blog. I would love to exchange links with you...stop by anytime! Toni

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

Hi Ms.Daisy, yep...I put that burlap bunny pillow together a couple of weeks ago,it will be listed on etsy in a couple of weeks, with a few of my other creations. Toni

HopHopJingleBoo said...

hi Daisy, thanks for the visit..will try to do some better pictures reading your random you make rabbits???!!

meg said...

Funny- I jumped into blogging almost a year ago, & then realized there were others to visit :) I had to go to my 15 yo son for assistance in the beginning, & he still shakes his head because I don't have all the "bells & whistles"- doesn't understand the appeal of writing about whatever comes to mind. The best part has been finding inspiration & friendships that were completely unexpected.

Maija said...

Blogging is wonderful, isn't it??