Thursday, 17 May 2007

Domestic Goddess?...Not!!

Oh what a rush. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are my working away from my studio days and once again,I seem to be tying myself in little knots trying to keep on top of the housework.....Or more specifically the hoovering!
Now don't misunderstand me here, I most definitely am no domestic goddess. The thing is this........
Five years ago we had to have "Bobby" our little Cavalier King Charles put to sleep (bless her hyperactive little cotton socks!) and since then have been "dog-less". But, after a coffee visit to a girl friend (who just happens to rescue dogs), the Daisy household has adopted "Scrappy" a Golden Retriever who has come complete with what appears to be at least a bin bag full of winter coat. This he is proceeding to shed across every corner of the entire house!!
As I said, I'm not your domestic goddess type and I can cope with the odd bit of dusting in order to check the colour of the surfaces, but, as "Anne of Green Gables" almost said "I enjoy housework in moderation, but hoovering twice in one day is tooooo much"!!!
Please someone out there reassure me that one day I will have a leak-free dog, and I can return to being the un-domesticated slut every one knows and loves!!!

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Jules said...

Hi again Daisy just me here spying and forget it ,if its anything like my two cats then Hair is not just the name of a stage play.